Indian Visa

5 Year Indian Visa For UK Citizens

If you are a British citizen and wish to travel to India, you must first obtain a valid passport. It is necessary to apply for an Indian visa before you go on your trip. Moreover, you must know how long the application process will take. This article will discuss the Documents that you must submit to obtain a 5 Year Indian Visa. Then, you can learn how to apply for a visa online.

Documents required to apply for a 5 year Indian visa

To apply for a five-year Indian visa for UK citizens, you’ll need to have a few documents ready. Thankfully, most of the paperwork can be completed online. You will also need to submit a self-declaration form, and pay the required fee. Once your application is approved, you’ll receive your visa in your email inbox within two to three days. It’s a good idea to print your visa out and carry it with you at all times.

Indian Visa
Indian Visa


First, you’ll need to provide a photograph of yourself. You should choose a recent passport photo in color with a white background. It should be under 3MB in size and be in JPG, PNG, or PDF format. Second, you’ll need a scanned copy of your passport’s information page. The passport should be valid for six months, with at least two pages remaining.

Processing time for an Indian visa

If you are a British national, you must apply for an India visa UK online in order to enter the country. You can apply for up to 90 days, and you are allowed multiple entries during the validity period of your visa. Once you submit your application, a valid visa will be sent to your email address. The process is quick and simple. The application process is also supported by customer service. In case you need any help, you can always contact the customer service representative of the website.

The process of applying for a visa to India is a hassle-free process if you are a British citizen. First, you should make sure that your passport is valid before applying for a visa to India. If your passport is valid and you plan to visit India for more than 90 days, you should apply for an e-visa. The e-visa will last for up to two years, and you will have the option to renew it as often as you like.


Obtaining an Indian visa online

You can now apply for an Indian visa online in a few easy steps. You’ll need to have a valid passport and a debit or credit card to make the payment. To proceed with the application, you will also need to provide a recent passport-style color photo and an email address. The application will only take a few minutes to complete. The process requires you to provide basic biographical information such as your name, date of birth, nationality, and email address.

The eVisa allows you to stay in India for 180 days. In some cases, you can even enter multiple times during your visit – if you have a second passport. The only downside is that you can’t apply for an extension, or change the type of visa once you’ve arrived. Obtaining an Indian visa online is not a good idea if you plan to visit protected areas or army areas.

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