Canada Medical Visa

Full Process About Canada Medical Visa

To apply for a Canada Medical Visa, you need to undergo certain medical exams. Find out more about the required exams and how much they cost in this article. Once you’ve completed the necessary exams, you can travel to Canada. You must be a medical doctor and be willing to work in Canada. Fortunately, this process is fairly straightforward and can help you to apply for a Canada visa without too much hassle. In addition, it is fairly inexpensive compared to other types of visa.

Canada Medical Visa
Canada Medical Visa

Exams required to apply for a Canada Medical Visa

If you’re planning on applying for a Canada Medical Visa, you must be aware that your exam results are only valid for 12 months. Depending on the length of time you plan on staying in Canada, you may need to take another medical examination. Typically, the results of the medical exam will not be returned to you if you don’t come to Canada within the year. If you’ve already completed your medical exams, however, you will not need to take another one.

Applicants can schedule their medical examinations in Canada or in a country they’ve visited. The medical exams are generally scheduled at a panel physician office. However, the clinic may send you a sealed envelope with your results. Despite this, you should not open the envelope until you’ve received it. Otherwise, you’ll be required to pay for a new exam. In addition, make sure you answer all questions honestly and completely.

Cost of exams

If you are planning to visit Canada for less than six months, you do not need to undergo medical tests. In fact, if you are only planning to visit for tourism, temporary residency, or work, you do not need to have any medical exams. Moreover, you do not need to take any photographs. All you need to do is to submit a copy of your IMM-1017E, which is issued by the visa office.

You can also have your medical examination in your home country before applying for your Canada Medical Visa. There are certified physicians outside Canada who can perform the exam for you. You will have to inform CIC when you are going for an exam. Then, you must fill out a questionnaire within 30 days of the medical examination, which asks you to provide the detailed information about your health conditions and medical history. This questionnaire is essential for the government to evaluate whether you can apply for a Canada Medical Visa.

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Requirements to apply for a Canada Medical Visa

Applicants who have been accepted for a Canadian residency or an express entry visa must undergo an upfront medical exam. The IRCC will provide you with the Medical Report form. If you have had a medical examination in your home country, you will need to bring a copy of your medical record to your appointment. You must also have four recent photos for your application. These must be clear, unblemished photos of yourself.

A medical examination must be done before you can submit your application. This examination will include a check-up of your vital systems and organs, including your eyes, nose, heart, and lungs. You must have no serious communicable diseases or other conditions that prevent you from gaining permanent residence in Canada. Your spouse/partner must undergo an upfront medical examination as well. The Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada will decide whether you are granted the visa or not.

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Note: This is not permanent information. It depends on government policy.

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