How To Reach Mawlynnong

Arranging An Excursion To Mawlynnong? Here are a few rules on the best way to arrive at Mawlynnong

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Mawlynnong is a little however lovely town situated in the East Khasi Slopes region of Meghalaya in the northeastern piece of India. Commonly known for being the cleanest town in Asia, Mawlynnong is comprised of a nearby local area that takes a stab at keeping up with its status. The town’s rich vegetation makes it a wonderful display alongside its flower feel making it deserving of a visit practically the entire year. Mawlynnong is likewise decisively found exceptionally near the Indo-Bangladesh line, which permits guests to appreciate perspectives on the adjoining country from various ideal spots around the locale. Mawlynong isn’t really remote yet is in any case, most available just by means of street. Since there are no rail lines that go through Meghalaya, the main alternate method for entering the state is by means of air travel. Peruse on to find out about the most advantageous ways of arriving at Mawlynong.


By Air

Mawlynnong must be reached straightforwardly by means of the street. The closest air terminal is the Shillong Air terminal, otherwise called Umroi Air terminal, situated in the capital city of Shillong. Homegrown departures from all over the nation fly to Shillong straightforwardly; there are likewise corresponding flights accessible to the city. The separation from the air terminal to Mawlynong is simply around 90 km; voyagers can decide to book a confidential vehicle or take transport from the air terminal to arrive at Mawlynong.

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By Road

In the event that you decide to raise a ruckus around town to arrive at Mawlynnong, your ideal choice is to initially arrive at Shillong or Cherrapunji, which are found about 90 km and 92 km away separately. Transports don’t normally run straightforwardly to Mawlynong from one or the other city. Most transports go to the town of Dawki, which is around 17 km away from Mawlynong. Voyagers frequently wind up investing some energy touring Dawki prior to getting one more immediate transport to Mawlynong.

There are likewise confidential taxicabs accessible that will take you to your objective straightforwardly and in the most helpful way. From Shillong, one can take a taxi to the Khasi Slopes Sumo stand at the Bara market and afterward take common sumo straightforwardly to Mawlynnong.

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Getting Around

Mawlynnong is a little town that can be handily delighted in exclusively by walking. Many individuals decide to investigate Mawlynong as a component of a road trip from Shillong or Cherrapunji, yet there are additional facilities accessible for the people who might want to remain for a little while. Homestays and visitor houses are essentially the main decisions explorers will have with stay choices here, which is the most ideal way to associate with local people and more deeply study the Khasi clan’s approach to everyday life.

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