UK Citizens

Indian Business Visa For UK Citizens

A UK citizen can apply for an Indian business visa by filling out a short online questionnaire. The process is easy and usually takes a few minutes. The process also involves paying a small processing fee by bank card. British visitors to India should submit a recent passport-style photo and a business card. This document serves as proof of identity. Once approved, the business visa for UK citizens is valid for up to six months.

Medical escort visa is a visa for treating a disease in a treatment center in India

A medical escort visa in India is a type of visitor visa that allows relatives to accompany a patient to a medical treatment center in the country. A medical escort visa in India is valid for nearly one year and grants an individual the same visa validity as the patient. There are certain requirements for applying for a medical escort visa in India.

First, the condition that a person must satisfy to qualify for a medical escort visa is that the disease should be one that requires substantial treatment. The medical centre must be well-recognized in the country. A medical escort visa will only be granted if the patient is seeking treatment for a serious illness in the country. The patient must have documentary proof of their financial status.

UK Citizens
UK Citizens


Foreign buyers coming to India to transact business with supplies/potential suppliers

The Indian market is a large and fragmented one. There are many differences in each state’s culture, infrastructure, and regulatory environment. The laws differ, and many are subjective interpretations of prevailing laws. Foreign buyers will need to plan strategically and perform due diligence before entering the market. Moreover, there are many challenges in the market. Listed below are some tips for foreign buyers coming to India to transact business with potential suppliers.

Travellers applying for a business visa must have an expired passport

When applying for an Indian business visa, you must be prepared to submit an expired passport. In order to gain approval, you must provide proof of your financial stability. Among other things, you must submit an updated bank statement of the past three months. The endorsement on foreign currency must be older than a month. A fake endorsement will result in rejection of your application. You should also include a recent colour photograph, at least three months old, of your full face, on a white background. You must also submit proof of your profession, such as a certificate from your current employer, a copy of your educational institution ID, or retirement papers.


A valid passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in India. It must contain at least two blank pages to allow for entry stamps. Applicants with Diplomatic Passports or International Travel Documents must possess a valid passport and must have at least two blank pages to allow for multiple entries. The eBusiness Visa for India is a convenient way to travel to India for business, as it does not require a physical visit to the embassy or consulate. The application process is fully electronic, and the visa is issued electronically. The validity of the passport must be at least six months prior to the intended date of arrival in India.

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