German Citizens

Indian Visa For German Citizens

If you are planning to visit India, it is advisable that you obtain an INDIAN VISA FOR GERMAN CITIZENS. This visa can help you enter the country legally and stay in the country for a specified period. There are certain requirements that you must comply with, including the Documents that you need to submit when applying for a visa. In this article, we will cover the Documents that you will need to submit when applying for a visa and the duration of stay that you can enjoy under an eVisa. We will also cover the fees that you will have to pay for the eVisa and the entry points that you are permitted to visit India.

Documents required to apply for an Indian visa

For German citizens seeking an Indian visa, they must be in possession of a valid passport. They should also present an employment contract that details their responsibilities and liabilities towards the Indian government. This document must include the terms of payment for the visa and include proof that the company has been registered or incorporated in India. Applicants must also attach a self-addressed stamped envelope for proof of employment.

German Citizens
German Citizens

Duration of stay allowed under eVisa

The duration of stay allowed under an Indian eVisa depends on the type of visa you hold. The e-Tourist Visa is valid for a period of thirty days, while the business and medical visas last for 180 days. However, the e-Medical Visa does not allow you to stay longer than thirty days in a row. Besides, the e-Tourist Visa is not convertible, which means you cannot stay longer than 30 days.

Fees charged for eVisa

Many travelers no longer have to go to the Indian embassy or consulate to apply for a visa to India. Because of the new 100% electronic system, you can apply for your visa online. This saves you time and money, and the fees for an Indian eVisa are significantly lower than traditional visa applications. But before you apply for your Indian eVisa, consider the following:


Entry points allowed under eVisa

Under Indian eVisa, travelers will only need an e-visa to enter the country. The eVisa is issued at designated international airports and seaports, including Mumbai, Kolkata, Goa, and Chennai. Those arriving at other points will still need a traditional stamped Indian visa. The new system is being phased in gradually. In the mean time, however, many airports have already been declared entry points, so it’s important to check what airports are included.

Travel insurance required for Schengen visa in India

You must have travel insurance in order to obtain a Schengen visa. This visa is valid for visits to Schengen countries, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, and the Czech Republic. You can purchase travel insurance online to fulfill the requirements for this visa. In order to receive a Schengen visa, an Indian citizen must be in possession of a valid insurance policy.

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Note: This is not permanent information. It depends on government policy.

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