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Je van insurance to blocking 8 steps

Do you want to ensure your delivery van? In principle, this can be done within a few minutes. However, you must ensure that by going through a number of steps, you have all the requested information at hand. Do you want to know more? Then read on quickly.

 1. Includingor exclusive VAT?

Firstly, it is important to know exactly how you want to ensure the van. Do you want to do this including or excluding VAT? If you can set off VAT, you can ensure the company car on the basis of the catalog value, without the VAT.

2. It license Plate

When taking out the delivery van insurance, it is useful to have the registration number to hand. By entering the number, most data is entered automatically, so you don’t have to look it up yourself. Think of the weight of the car or the year of manufacture.

 3. These curity

Always check whether your delivery van has a security system. This is important because some insurers use the security class to determine the premium.

 4. The daily value

The insurer will always ask for the current value of your delivery van. Is the delivery van insured immediately after purchase? Then the current value is equal to the purchase value.

 5. It number kilometers

Remember: it is very important to write down the mileage as accurately as possible. This concerns the number of kilometres that you drive annually with the delivery van for which you take out the insurance. Is the delivery van new? Then it is useful to take the time for a calculation and an estimate.

6. Damage free years

Have you built up claim-free years? Then it is good to know how many there are. Have no idea about this? Then check with your previous insurer. Good to know: claim-free years can provide a nice discount.

7. The cover form

Finally, it is important to think about which form of cover suits you. In general, you can choose from the following coverage’s:

Third-party delivery van insurance: this insurance only covers damage that you cause to others with your car. Damage to your own car and theft will not be reimbursed.

WA + Limited hull van insurance: the limited hull coverage does offer cover in the event of the theft of your van. With this insurance, you are insured against fire, theft, explosion, lightning, and storms. Always read the policy conditions for your precise cover!

WA +Complete hull van insurance (all-risk): this is the most comprehensive insurance. With this form of cover, you are insured against fire, theft, explosion, lightning, storm, and the damage you have caused to your own car.

8. to block

The final step is the actual closing of the insurance. You can do this by phone or online.

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