Kerala Tourism and Tours: Packages, Itineraries and Insights

With the influence of palm trees, sandy seashores and tropical breeze, Kerala’s thin waterfront strip, and the layered scene has made it one of the objections to be at. Simply relatively close to the Arabian Sea, Kerala borders Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. With the Western Ghats as its setting, Kerala the travel industry flourishes off its natural life holds, lavish vegetation, sweet-smelling flavors, mountains and backwaters. Kerala is a comfortable place away from the clamor of India that features a slower lifestyle with a suggestive history ready to be told.



Kerala brings something to the table throughout the entire year. By the by, the best chance to go would be during the dry seasons from September to March. Kerala’s pinnacle season offers a cooler environment and less downpour, which makes investigating more agreeable.

What should be done IN KERALA

  • Kochi is one of the must-visit places in Kerala
  • Take an Instagram-commendable photograph of the notable Chinese fishing nets at nightfall
  • Munnar is one of the most outstanding spots to visit in Kerala
  • Visit the beautiful tea estates of Munnar

An outing to Kerala is incomplete without investigating the special sights and encounters that the locale brings to the table. Take time and journey the backwaters of Kerala where you’ll drench yourself in the palm-lined streams, untamed life, and towns drifting among the shores. From that point, find the little, complicated towns that exist along the backwaters and associate with the neighborhood individuals and customs that give Kerala its unmistakable touch. In the event that you’re available, partake in a dinner with a nearby family and catch wind of the narratives of the numerous local people who have found life living off horticulture and fishing in the district.

Investigate the numerous regions that shape Kerala — including Kochi, Kannur, Kasaragod and Kollam. Make certain to invest some energy at the gold-sand sea shores, for example, Varkala and Kovalam to cover off your excursion.


1. Southern India

Mysore in India

Go on an undertaking and track down cascades, tea manors, and zest markets inside the mountain scopes of India’s the Western Ghats, a biodiverse district wealthy in assets and activities. This 15-day visit will take you through Kochi and the rousing fishing towns of the south where it’ll clear a path into ancestral homes, markets and the social city of Mysore. You’ll study otherworldliness, natural life and the numerous creature asylums that mark the south, while encompassed by the lavish and tropical vegetation that makes it unique. This visit will give explorers a more cozy involvement in nature and leave them entranced with the secret gems of India’s south.

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2. Pith of South India

Adventure through the south on this 14-day visit that takes you from Chennai to Kovalam where you’ll set out on an experience of India’s southern appeal and cordiality. From green mountains to brilliant sea shores to the curious fishing towns and provincial towns, this visit will bring you into the core of Kerala’s kin. Experience the way of life, religion, and history of the locale with a blend of pure and contemporary life and the tranquility of its ordinary individuals. On the off chance that you want a visit that will take you in the less common direction. This is all there is to it.

3. Best of South India

Be a traveler for a day and fix yourself on the very best South India brings to the table. This 13-day visit will take you on an elephant ride in Mysore, trailed by a perspective on the numerous tea manors in Munnar, watch a customary Kathakali dance show in Cochin and whisk you away on a natural life safari ride. From Mysore to Munnar, Cochin and Bangalore, visit the areas of interest every city brings to the table and find enchantment in the nearby business sectors, greenhouses, shopping centers and ponders that are off the aid map. Close your experiences off with a picturesque visit through the best sights of India’s south that will leave you needing more.

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Day 1: Spend time in the tea-developing district of Kerala. At Kochi, you’ll investigate the numerous emerald green manors that line the fields and get a chance to blend your own tea for an attempt. In the wake of finding out about tea and its significance to Indian culture, join a Kalaripayattu show. Established in Kerala, the old military workmanship is pride to those of the district. Watch a show and figure out how the old expressions interface with the historical backdrop of the locale.

Day 2: Find out more about tea when you head to the Idukki District in Munnar. Concentrate profoundly on the tea exhibition hall that will show you the numerous parts of tea conservation and the historical backdrop of the ranches in the Western Ghats. Then visit the zest estates of Kerala, where you’ll get to find the many flavors developed in the district and find out about the rich history behind everyone.

Day 3: Make a refueling break at Thekkady and go through a day at Periyar National Park. This is where you’ll befriend elephants, muntjacs, yelping deer and Periyar tigers. Leave around the many slopes and mountains that shape the district as well as invest energy instructing yourself on the greenery that fills the region. End your day watching a Kathakali show, a famous Indian traditional dance — a positive don’t miss.

  • Periyar National Park in Kerala is a must-visit
  • Wash up with the elephants at Periyar National Park
  • Watch Kathakali in Kerala
  • A Kathakali artist applies make-up before execution

Day 4: After investigating the asylum and untamed life saves, rewind on the seashores in Varkala. Invest some energy investigating the bank of Varkala, where among the bluffs you can discover a few stunning perspectives on Kerala. Loosen up on the various water spouts and spas that can be found laying on these precipices. Then, at that point, after an entire day of investigation, invest energy in Varkala Beach sunbathing and swimming however much you might want. Remember to remain for definitive dusk!

Varkala in Kerala

Day 5: Finish off your visit cruising the numerous backwaters that give Kerala its overall name. Track down your direction to Alleppey, otherwise called the “Venice of the East” and absorb the hypnotizing and spellbinding Kerala backwaters. Alleppey is home to a gigantic organization that associates the numerous backwaters in the locale. Go on a houseboat and partake in a journey along the Vembanad Lake where you can find drifting towns and befriend local people en route.

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Sanctuaries hold severe clothing standards for guests. Make a point to dress moderately and carry a scarf to conceal if necessary. Footwear is prohibited after entering the sanctuary.

Food in Kerala is on the fiery side. It might require investment to change. On the off chance that hot isn’t something, you can deal with, make a point to ask to check whether the zest levels can be changed in accordance with your taste.

Tipping is normal in Kerala. 10% is viewed as the typical norm to follow.

Ayurveda medicines are generally accessible. Nonetheless, be cautious and go to just the Ayurveda communities supported by the Kerala Tourism Department.

Passes to touring spots are saved on a first-started out-served premise. Thus, try to arrange on the web or give yourself enough time while hoping to book. Kerala additionally has separate lines for outsiders in most touring attractions.

Not at all like the focal points of Delhi or Jaipur, Kerala brings a more particular, more slow lifestyle from the remainder of India. Kerala’s emotional variety with tropical sea shores, lakes and transcending slopes bring an unmistakable allure that can’t be found elsewhere in India. Kerala’s travel industry revolves around the locale’s more quiet way of life and a more purposeful lifestyle that has drawn in explorers from all as an objective to withdraw and stay composed. In this way, set an aim today and go on a Kerala visit now.

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