Kinnaur Valley

Kinnaur Valley Weather And Best Time To Visit Kinnaur Valley

Arranging A Trip To Kinnaur Valley? Here is a preview of Kinnaur Valley’s climate and the best chance to visit Kinnaur Valley

Situated in the upper east corner of Himachal Pradesh is the lovely area of Kinnaur. It is encircled by three significant mountain ranges, Greater Himalayas, Dhauladhar and Zanskar. These reaches by and large encase the valleys of Spiti, Sutley, Baspa and the feeders. Attributable to its area and high elevation, the winter climate in Kinnaur is extremely unforgiving. Notwithstanding, post the finish of winter, things are better. Visit in the event that you can endure outrageous weather conditions in winter, in any case, summer is the most reasonable opportunity to visit and investigate the valley of Kinnaur.

Kinnaur Valley
Kinnaur Valley

Summer (April to June)

With temperatures going somewhere in the range of 8°C and 30°C, summers are viewed as the best chance to visit Kinnaur Valley. The spots which close down during winter stay open during these months. Vacationers can partake in the lovely environment and investigate the valley and its magnificence. This is the pinnacle vacationer season and thus encounters weighty footfall. 

Plan an outing ahead of time to keep away from dissatisfaction because of the absence of convenience or travel choices. One thing to look at is the pre-storm downpours in June that have caused streak floods in the past with appalling outcomes.


Monsoon (July to September)

Kinnaur gets significant precipitation during rainstorms and arranging any excursions during these months is prudent not. Avalanches and deluges are normal, which makes disorder in the locale. The streets also are in a rough shape which hinders voyaging. The apple season likewise starts in the period of August, which causes monstrous gridlock. Apples get stacked onto trucks for transportation and this makes the streets very tumultuous. Rainstorm isn’t suggested in any way, except if you are glad to sit in your lodgings and partake in the shower.


Winter (October to March)

Winter in Kinnaur is extremely brutal. Temperatures plunge beneath 0°C, which hinders typical life. There is weighty snowfall, water supply in lodgings get impacted as water freezes, moving around and touring is troublesome and most places become out of reach and stay shut. Travelers can’t partake in the genuine magnificence of Kinnaur Valley. Furthermore, regardless of whether you wish to partake in the snow, you are generally compelled to remain inside more often than not.

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