Mawlynnong Weather And Best Time To Visit Mawlynnong

Arranging An Outing To Mawlynnong? Here is a depiction of the Mawlynnong climate and the best chance to visit Mawlynnong

Mawlynnong has frequently been alluded to as ‘God’s own Nursery’; a moniker appropriate to a curious town that is arranged right at the Indian-Bangladesh line in the East Khasi Slopes of Meghalaya, and has been cast a ballot as the cleanest town in Asia. Mawlynnong is kept up with completely through self-supported techniques and every individual from the town takes a stab at keeping Mawlynnong at its perfect best. The progressions in weather conditions don’t meddle much with the town’s evergreen climate, however the rainstorm, specifically, gets unique magnificence to Mawlynnong the type of vegetation and dynamic blossoms. While this perfect town deserves a visit practically the entire year, here are our suggestions on the best opportunity to visit Mawlynnong.


Summer (May-August)

Not at all like the warm and unendurable summers of northern India, the mid-year long stretches of Mawlynnong are very lovely and the best chance to design your visit to the town. The rainstorm season likewise shows up at some point in June or July, so be ready for continuous showers and, surprisingly, periodic tempests whenever of the day. The temperature ranges between 24-32⁰C during the evenings; days that really do get somewhat warm are in many cases made cooler by irregular precipitation. The downpour likewise carries blossoming blossoms to the town that adds monstrous liveliness to the environmental elements.

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Spring (Walk – April) and Pre-winter (September – October)

Probably the greatest months to visit Mawlynnong are the change a long time of spring and fall. The weather conditions are ideally suited for outside exercises and dampness goes down impressively too during this time. The typical temperature is around 25⁰C during springtime and around 15⁰C during the pre-winter season. Precipitation is at its base during the pre-winter months however can be anticipated all the more frequently during springtime.

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Winter (November – February)

Winters in Mawlynnong are cool, yet, an extraordinary opportunity to visit the town. The days are typically bright and lovely, and the temperature starts to plunge as evening time shows up. Normal temperature ranges from around 5⁰C at night to around 14⁰C during the day. It is encouraged to convey sufficient winter wear with you on the excursion. Stickiness levels are likewise extensively high during this season, yet precipitation is typically very negligible. Touring around the town is in a perfect world not a very remarkable issue during the winters, particularly in the event that you limit your open air exercises to the daytime.

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