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May more used cars sold

In May, more than 111,146 used cars were sold, in April there were only 74,000, according to Bovag’s figures. In May 2019, used car sales were slightly higher with over 118,000 cars sold. At the moment, used car sales are almost at the same level as before the corona crisis.

In the first five months of 2020, car companies sold 506,517 used passenger cars, which was 6.4% less than in the same period a year ago. The corona measures have had major consequences for car sales. In April there was a decrease of more than 26% compared to April 2019 and in March the decrease was almost 14%. About half of the public transport passengers have now indicated that they will look into alternative transport. 57% of these people will travel more by car, of which about 8% say they will buy a car. This amounts to about 175,000 people. In May, therefore, more than 111,146 second-hand cars were sold. Private individuals also traded 73,433 second-hand cars among themselves in May, 17.6% more than the year before. While up to and including May, only 308,807 cars had been sold to private individuals.

However, sales of new cars are declining. In May 14,934 new cars were sold. This is 59% less than in the same month last year. Also in April, 50% fewer new cars were sold than a year earlier.

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