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On Holiday Soft Him Car Avian: Been You Good Insured?

Are you going on holiday with the caravan soon? Then there are a number of important things to keep in mind. One of these things is checking your insurance. It is of course very important that you are properly insured if something goes wrong. To help you on your way, we will tell you more about the insurance of your caravan in this article, so that you can go on holiday without any problems.

Injury At Your Own Car Avian:

Let’s start with the most important information: you can take out separate caravan insurance for your caravan. Although this is not mandatory, it is useful because it ensures you against damage to your own caravan. Damage caused by bad weather conditions, for example, is also covered by caravan insurance. Examples are damage caused by lightning, storms, or hail. In addition, your caravan is also insured against fire.

Remember: caravan insurance often has a deductible per event. As per the terms insurer differences, it is helpful to some caravan insurance comparison, so you end up choosing an insurance policy that suits you.

Injury At Anthers By Means Of Your Caravan:

As mentioned before, insuring your caravan is not mandatory, because your caravan is co-insured with your car insurance. A condition of this is that the caravan is linked to your car. Your caravan is insured until it has come to a stop safely outside the public road. This applies to damage that you cause to others with the caravan. The coverage of your car insurance is in most cases not important. However, it is good to check this in advance by reading the conditions.

In the event that you move the caravan by hand or with a mover, and thereby cause damage to others, you are not insured. Good to know: unlike caravan insurance, your car insurance does not insure the damage to your own caravan!

Forgets The Travel Insurance Not:

In addition to your car insurance and any caravan insurance, your travel insurance is also important. Travel insurance reimburses costs due to loss or damage to your luggage. Unexpected costs are also reimbursed. You can think of the costs that come with an accident or illness.

What Must You To Do In Case By Injury?

Did you sustain damage during your holiday? Report the damage to your car or travel insurer as soon as possible. It is important that you can prove that you were traveling and that the damage was not caused intentionally. It is essential to complete the claim form as completely as possible and to report it to the police.

Good luck with preparing for your holiday and wishing you many safe kilometers!

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