Places I’m Craving – The West Coast

At long last Traveling the West Coast from Top to Bottom

I’ve driven all over the South Island’s West Coast multiple times (and I never become ill of it!) however as of late a companion and I took off from Christchurch in my mum’s campervan determined to drive as far as possible from the top to the base, which I’d never done. I have consistently alluded to this piece of Aotearoa as “West Coast Best Coast” and it was time I saw every last bit of it!

First up, we advanced toward the exceptionally Northern stopping point. The further north we voyaged, the more sub-tropical everything felt. The sea shores had gentler sand and there were local palm trees in abundance (we’ve just got one local palm in NZ – the Nikau). The populace recoils the further north you go on this street and a portion of the little coal-mining towns felt like phantom towns but at the same time were enchanting in their own extraordinary manner. The brightly painted houses set against steep rainforest-shrouded slopes make for a wonderful scene.

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We halted in Karamea after a long and tiring roll over a few intense mountains and were both wonderfully shocked by the spot. Despite the fact that it was a peaceful Sunday morning, we could feel that the town had an incredible local area soul and everybody we met was well disposed and able to assist us with sorting out what we ought to investigate. We had a delish venison pie from a charming bistro around and proceeded with the additional little stretch up the way to the beginning of one of New Zealand’s 10 Great Walks – The Heaphy Track. Mannnnnnn, what a track! It was one of those mystical cold weather days that wanted to spring was sneaking in. The air was warm and smelt truly decent.

We concluded to do an hour in and an hour out and it was a phenomenal choice. We moved through stunning local timberland, up to clifftop posts and on to a wonderful sandy ocean side which we had all to ourselves. The track helped me a piece to remember the Abel Tasman Track – the most famous of NZ’s ten incredible strolls, albeit this one doesn’t have the reliable stream of individuals, so feels a smidgen more separated.

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Albeit this stretch of the West Coast is surely not the most advantageous to visit when one has relatively little opportunity to investigate New Zealand, I would totally very much want to feature this part of West Coast Best Coast to our clients, particularly when they have an additional several days at their disposal and value the more “off in an unexpected direction” style place.

Not entirely settled to get to Jackson Bay where the street closures toward the South. Also, we did! Amazing, what an emotional distinction from the north end. Jackson Bay was brutal and unforgiving – downpour and solid breezes battered us up and down the winding seaside drive. We halted toward the stopping point with the expectation that we could appreciate lunch at the Cray Pot – a to some degree renowned foundation down like that – yet unfortunately, it was shut. We cooked chicken burgers in the campervan and continued to climb through the timberland to a separated straight on the opposite side of the promontory.

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The sharp rough shore was a genuine differentiation to the Heaphy Track up additional North. Getting to Jackson Bay at the exceptionally southern stopping point is a lot more straightforward than making it the whole way toward the Northern tip, because of the Bay just being a 40-minute diversion, while Karamea is a decent two or three hours every way off the fundamental course. Both were certainly worth the additional driving and the differentiation in scenes is very astonishing. I love that following 6 years of voyaging this different nation full time that I am as yet tracking down shocks around the bend every once in a while!

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