cocoa butter

The benefits of cooking with cocoa butter

When you choose to cook with cocoa butter, you have so many options and recipes available that you will never run out of ideas… In addition, cocoa butter is ideal for making both savory and sweet recipes.

Do you want to know a little more about this food and its wonderful properties? Let’s go there! Cocoa butter has many health benefits and is mainly known for its healing and cosmetic properties: moisturizing and regenerating the skin. For this purpose, we can find cocoa butter in many variables, from creams to oils and masks. But the main use of cocoa butter is really food.

Food cocoa butter is made from the cold pressing of cocoa beans, hence its name and that it has the nutritional values ​​of this superfood. Cooking with cocoa butter will add a sweet flavor to any recipe you incorporate it into.

Where to buy dietary cocoa butter

There are many places where you can buy cocoa butter today. Remember, before buying cocoa butter anywhere, make sure that you are buying from a reputable site and that they can offer you the best quality. Take a look at our Agro Gourmet Cocoa Butter.

cocoa butter

Advantages of cooking your savory recipes with cocoa butter

These are some of the main benefits of cooking your recipes and savory dishes with cocoa butter:

  • You can use it in small amounts and it will be enough for cooking
  • It is the ideal substitute for butter, oil or margarine
  • It is very resistant to high temperatures and does not burn

Advantages of cooking your savory recipes with cocoa butter

When you use cocoa butter to make sweet or cake recipes, you can benefit from the same advantages that we listed above, but in addition:

  • Gives a slight chocolate flavor without the need to use chocolate in your recipe. It’s the perfect solution if you don’t have chocolate on hand.
  • It can be used as a substitute for butter and that way you can make healthier and less greasy desserts.

Be careful, because on many occasions in industrial confectionery, they tend to replace cocoa butter with other types of fats that are cheaper and of lower quality and that can be harmful to your health. The more natural and less processed your food is, the healthier your diet will be. The best chocolates are those that contain cocoa butter and as you can see in our collection of chocolates, they all contain this ingredient.

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Would you like to try our cocoa butter?

You can find our Agro Gourmet cocoa butter among the premium products in our online store.

Enjoy the best flavor of cocoa butter and all its benefits.

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