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Things to check when you are looking for wedding photographers

There is a first time for perhaps everything. If we are talking about wedding photography then our first time was probably for a friend or relative. Perhaps we showed some talent for photography, and they asked us to do their wedding shoot. Or perhaps they already had a professional wedding photographer, and we were just there to take some extra photos, because there was no reason not to, as long as we didn’t get in the way.

wedding photographers
Photo: Sydney wedding photographers

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Chances are we took a lot of photos at the wedding, and while a few turned out well most of them didn’t compare with the images we saw from the professional Sydney wedding photographer. So why was there a difference in quality, or at least inconsistent quality?

A wedding tends to be a little bit of a rush, a bit of stress. Even if it is well planned, and everything goes to plan, the emotions are high. I’m not sure I’d have it any other way. But this can mean it is hard to keep a level head when taking photos, especially when you haven’t done this before. And the hectic nature of the day means we might miss more than a few good photo opportunities. So perhaps advice from the experienced can help.

  • Know if you are taking on too much, and perhaps turn down a large event and try a few smaller events first. Get some experience photographing groups of people and some portraits.
  • Scout out the event before the day. Find some good spaces for group photos, good spaces for photographing the married couple. Find a good place to capture the couple at the altar.
  • Remember that light conditions will change during the day.
  • Learn to work with people. In some parts of the wedding day, you will need to organize large group photos. People will happily cooperate if you know how to work with them.
  • Understand you are to be invisible. Your camera captures the images of the day without being seen. And you should remain unseen during the ceremony. Hide in the shadows and capture the light.
  • Start before the wedding, can capture the preparation. Images of the bride and bridal party before the event are part of the narrative.
  • Take macro shots of the ring, the bouquet, every little detail.
  • Have more camera memory and batteries than you will need.
  • Shoot all with images in RAW, the highest pixel count. This gives more options for the latter if you Photoshop and crop the images.
  • Learn about Photoshop, which can make all the difference to the final image.
  • Dress for the job. Almost every wedding is formal, so dress formally. But have comfortable shoes because you will be moving about all day.

What Do I Look for in a Wedding Photographer?

There is personal preference and there is an objective quality. If we are to get the type of wedding photography that we want then want both of these. Of course, we need a photographer that has the skill, experience, and ability, but we also want them to produce the type of photography that we personally like. Not about good or bad, just about what suits us.

  • Meet with the photographer and discuss what you want. A first impression can be misleading, but a longer discussion can give a better indication of whether you are on the same wavelength.
  • Ask to see their work. do they work in more than one style? Is there a style you like?
  • Ask how they captured a particular shot.
  • Ask to see their favorite social media/Instagram story.
  • Find out how they helped get the Wedding Day Photography running smoothly.
  • Find out what you get for the money. They may have several different Sydney Wedding Photography Packages. Do you want an album, large prints, or just individual photos? Often, they can add on a few extras.
  • How many hours will they work at the wedding? You may just want the Ceremony or the whole reception? Will they take photos of you getting ready?
  • Some couples like pre-wedding photos.
  • Do they do edit or Photoshop? Can they hide a few blemishes?
  • How long before the photos are ready? These days they often send a few images the next day for Instagram/Facebook. But the complete wedding photography Package may take two or three months.
  • Sometimes the Wedding Photographer can give you advice about being more photogenic, or how to be photogenic in your tux. It might be a little different when you are in formal wear.
  • Will they work with a wedding Videographer? Often a photographer and Wedding videographer from the same company will work out better, as they know how not to get in each other’s way.

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