Tourist Places To Visit In Dawki

Arranging An Excursion To Dawki? Here is our rundown of top traveler spots to visit in Dawki

Dawki is an unassuming community situated along the boundary that isolates India and Bangladesh. The town likewise shapes the separating area that isolates the Khasi and Jaintia Slopes, alongside being a significant focus of exchange between the nations of India and Bangladesh. Dawki is generally popular among travelers for the intriguing Umngot Stream, otherwise called Dawki Waterway, which highlights water so clear it very well may be confused with transparent glass. Aside from the choice excellence of this waterway, there are various secret nearby attractions here that make Dawki an excellent objective worth visiting. Here are our suggestions for the top spots to visit when in Dawki.


Jaflong Zero Point

Jaflong Zero Point is a spot situated along the India-Bangladesh line. Here the Umngot Stream gets over from India and goes into Bangladesh. Situated around 1 km away from Dawki market, Jaflong Zero Point is typically clamoring with Indian security powers, yet that doesn’t deflect vacationers from partaking in the perspectives around this locale and returning home with a few pictures of Bangladesh right across the line. There are networks of the Khasi faction who dwell here too, and guests likewise get to look at intriguing stone aggregations along the boundary.

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Burhill Cascades

Burhill Cascades is arranged around 9 km away from Dawki and is a grand spot doused in regular excellence. Arranged among thickly lush slopes, the smooth white water from the falls at last proceeds to shape a stream along Bangladesh’s Sylhet line. There is a scaffold close to the cascade that permits guests to appreciate beautiful perspectives on the environmental factors and catch essential minutes with their friends and family. Since going excessively near the cascade is thought of as marginally risky, appreciating these perspectives from the bridge is ideal.


Generally well known for being the cleanest town in Asia, Mawlynnong is a little villa with around 80 houses and a populace somewhat north of 500. Mawlynnong is situated around 35 km away from Dawki, and as guests approach the long, winding street prompting the town, the neighborhood occupants can frequently be seen clearing the roads and getting the waste so the little village can keep satisfying its name. Little houses organized flawlessly straight on each side, with a little private nursery outside pretty much every house adds to the choice appeal of the spot. There is likewise a little homestay here where guests can remain for the time being; despite the fact that, Mawlynnong is a little town and can be investigated effectively sufficient on a roadtrip.

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The town Riwai is experienced on a similar course as Dawki and Mawlynnong and is for the most part known for its living root spans. These root spans were worked by the Khasi clans over a time of a few ages and are accepted to be over 300 years of age. Local people constructed these scaffolds to get over the waterways in the backwoods since the man-made ones frequently got obliterated during weighty downpours in the area. Over the long haul, the living room spans have become one of the most recognizable designs among vacationers in this piece of Meghalaya. The Riwai town likewise has a wealth of Robab Tenga braid, which bears heavenly citrus natural products.

Umngot Waterway

Umngot Stream, additionally known as Waterway Dawki, is the town’s central fascination. The Umngot Waterway partitions the Khasi and the Jaintia Slopes and furthermore streams somewhat in India and somewhat in Bangladesh. The immaculate waters of the stream are an amazing sight throughout the colder time of year season when it turns out to be so perfectly clear that the waterway bed is apparent in the shallow districts. The serpentine stream is regularly specked with boats as it wanders through the forest and slopes; as a matter of fact, a boat ride is the most effective way to partake in the excellence of the waterway. The unmistakable water frequently causes it to appear as though the boat is just drifting in mid-air. There is likewise a little island in the focal point of the waterway that is loaded with rocks in all shapes, sizes and varieties.

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Shnongpdeng is a little town situated along the Umngot Stream and can without much of a stretch be viewed as a genuine unexpected, yet invaluable treasure. Most travelers frequently have barely any insight into the presence of this town, which is loaded with misjudged attractions like the Krang Suri cascade and outstanding camping areas that are ideally suited for those hoping to go through a night under the stars. Remember to go for a stroll across the extension here that has been worked over the stream; albeit just seven or eight individuals can cross it at a time so it’s vital to stay aware of that.

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