Turkey Visa

Turkey Visa For US Citizens

If you’re an American citizen, you may be wondering how to apply for a Turkey Visa. In this article, we’ll discuss the Application Process, Documents you need, and how long the process takes. We’ll also discuss the costs involved. Getting a Turkish visa is a simple process, but you need to be prepared for the many requirements. The details are outlined below. Once you’ve reviewed these requirements, you’ll be well-prepared to apply.

Application process

Before traveling to Turkey, it is necessary for US citizens to apply for a Turkey eVisa. The process is simple and online, and GIS provides live assistance to help with any queries. A valid passport is also required to enter Turkey. A valid onward ticket must be presented. The travel authorisation is valid for 90 days, so make sure to apply well in advance. You can get the eVisa at the GIS website.

Documents needed

What Documents Are Needed For a Turkey Visa? For US citizens, there are many things you need to prepare before traveling to Turkey. If you plan to fly to Turkey, you’ll need to provide proof of flight booking. Then, you’ll need to present the proof to the Turkish consulate or embassy. Otherwise, you can submit other documents like an invitation. Listed below are some of the most common documents needed for a Turkey visa.

Turkey Visa
Turkey Visa

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The duration of Turkey visa for US citizens varies, depending on your purposes. Typically, you can enter Turkey without a visa if you’re stepping off of a cruise ship and intend to stay less than 72 hours. If you’re planning to stay longer than that, you’ll need to apply for a traditional visa. This type of visa is only valid for short-term tourism, transit, and business trips.


The cost of a Turkey Visa for US Citizens varies depending on the type of visa you need. Those who are visiting Turkey for a short holiday or for business must obtain a tourist visa in advance. Since 2013, Americans can apply for their visa online. Byevisa makes the process fast and easy. The website will accept your full name, as it appears on your passport, as well as your country of birth and residence. Once you’ve submitted your information, you can select from three types of service: standard (1 business day), rapid (4 hours), or highly rapid (30 minutes).

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Travel restrictions

US citizens who wish to visit Turkey should check their passport, COVID-19 status and any vaccinations. Travel restrictions are constantly changing and should be reviewed before departure. Before booking a trip to Turkey, make sure to check the current travel advisories and lockdown updates before departure. In addition to the above requirements, Turkish citizens should also check for travel restrictions in the countries they will be visiting. The following information can help you plan your trip and avoid any problems.

Note: This is not permanent information. It depends on government policy.

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