Visit India Coory and Wayanad in October

In India, October is known for the infamous “October Heat,” a meteorological phenomenon that causes many coastal and rural areas to endure unexpectedly intense heat waves in between periods of autumnal cold. There are many wonderful locations to explore and many more things to enjoy in October in India, including Hampi and Wayanad.


Hampi, a historic village in the state of Karnataka, is dotted with the remains of Vijayanagara Empire forts and temples. The long scroll of one of India’s richest and most powerful empires has made this settlement, which is scattered along the banks of the River Tungabhadra, a sought-after tourist destination today. When October finally arrives, the temperature in Hampi starts to fall. This time of year is the greatest to travel because the temperature ranges from 15 to 30°C.


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Things to Do: 

Hampi is a hamlet filled with temples, ruins, and the lingering odor of antiquity. Visit the Virupaksha Temple from the seventh century, explore the Achyutaraya Temple, and pay your respects at Vijaya Vitthala on the Tungabhadra River’s bank. Rock climbing and bouldering are other options for the daring that pump excitement into your veins.

Alternatively, you may go to Hippie Island and rent a hut there. Also remarkable are the breathtaking views from Matanga Hill. Visit Anjaneya Hill, which bears the name of Hanuman’s mother Anjani, if you want to visit the birthplace of Lord Hanuman (from the Ramayana). There is a famous monkey temple here. Take a ferry across Tungabhadra, often known as the red river due to its red bedrock, for added enjoyment.

How to Reach:

The closest airport to Hampi is in Bellary, which is 36 kilometers distant. Hubli, located 143 km from Hampi, has another sizable airport. Major South Indian cities as well as some other metropolises offer flights to Hubli. Hospet, which is 13 kilometers from Hampi, is the closest railroad station.

This is where trains from Bangalore, Goa, and Hyderabad halt. You can also travel by car to Hampi from Hubli or Hyderabad (361 kilometers) (162 km). There are also regular buses from Bangalore.


Kerala’s Wayanad is a lush district that borders Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiris. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a lush, high-altitude forest home to a variety of unique natural plants and animals, such as Asiatic elephants, tigers, leopards, and egrets.

Wayanad is a great escape because by October South India’s heat has subsided to a cooler, more pleasant climate. Between October and November, Wayanad experiences rain and temperatures between 27 and 38 °C. The North East Trade Winds arrive. High levels of humidity may coincide with sunny days.

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Things to Do:

Investigate the historic petroglyphs in the Edakkal Caves and Ambukuthi Hills. Some of them are Neolithic in origin. Book a safari at Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, hike up to the heart-shaped Chembra Lake, and visit the Soochipara (roughly, “Needle-like”) waterfalls.

Additionally, you can go boating in Banasura Sagar Dam, cycling through Wayanad tea fields, and using bamboo rafts to explore the Kuruva Islands. The Tea Estates are the ideal escapes for leisurely evening strolls. Really, Wayanad is a very dreamy place to visit.

How to Reach:

The closest airport, Calicut International Airport, is just 65 kilometers away. From several important Indian cities as well as international locations, there are direct flights as well as stopover flights to Calicut. You can hire taxis, vans, and other vehicles to get you to Wayanad.

Because Kozhikode is not directly connected to Wayanad by rail, Kozhikode serves as a layover for trains. Wayanad is connected to several regions of Kerala and Karnataka by a decent road network. To and from stopover cities including Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai, and Trivandrum, KSRTC buses are available. There are also direct buses to Wayanad available.

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